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Infotainment system



To become a one stop solution for all car owners, Park+ recently collaborated with MG (Morris Garages) to design it’s app with it’s top services for MG’s infotainment head unit.


Solo Designer


1 designers, 1 product manager

and 1 engineer


December 2022

(approx. 15 days)

What is infotainment head unit?

In-vehicle infotainment head unit is a touch screen based, tablet-like device, mounted on the vehicle’s dashboard.

Purpose for designing

Park+ is a super app for cars. To expand their horizon, they have collaborated with MG to make their app for Park+ app for their infotainment system.

Top services that a user can take advantage of while driving were added to this app, namely,

FASTag recharge- FASTag is an electronic toll collection system in India. Park+ helps users to recharge their FASTag hassle free. This feature is valuable when a user is travelling across cities.

Parking- This an exclusive feature by Park+. Through this user can find, book and pay for their parking. This is important when user is on road.

Explore fuel stations and see fuel price- This feature is also important when user is on road. This redirects to internal navigation app on head unit.

“As an app, it had an easy user flow. The biggest problem here was understanding how an infotainment system works.”


Step 1: Understanding the products: FASTag recharge, Book parking and fuel product are already there on Park+ app. Here, the main issue was to understand what information will be available on infotainment system.

Step 2: Secondary research: Understanding how infotainment system works. What are the different guidelines/ design systems available in the market. How different apps work.

Step 3: Primary research: To understand how a user interacts with infotainment system, I used different head units (of different cars)

Step 4: Making guidelines: From selecting a typeface to deciding the icon size, colour, etc. This was an im

Step 5: Making Wireframes and Final UI


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