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I along with my team recently designed and implemented

Plus Design System for Park+.

With a focus on achieving consistency, efficiency, and exceptional user experiences, Plus design system has become an essential component of our design and development workflows.


Solo Manager/Strategist of

Plus Design System


8 designers and 30 engineers


December 2022 - March 2023

Launched in April 2023


Park+ started in 2019 with 2 designers and approximately 8 major products. But with years, it increased to approximately 10 designers and 45 products. Due to this,

A lot of inconsistency started appearing within the APP in terms of colours, illustrations, typography, layout and more.

Existing system was not scalable and efficient. It took more time to create products and collaborate.

Most of the team consist of freshers. For them it was really difficult to make designs that met a certain level.


Due to time restriction, I divided the goal into 3 parts:

First and primary goal was to make the app consistent

Making the repetitive flows consistent

Working on in-App interactions


Convincing stakeholders that we need a Design system, that both designer and developer time will be dedicated for this exercise

Mapping 700 screens (more than 40 products 🫢) and creating UI inventory

Technical constraints

User familiarity: Not changing too much


Step 1: Analysing the current app. Products, screens, types pof components, colours, illustrations, typography are there.

Step 2: Collaborating with graphic designers to understand brand principles that they’re following. Collaborating with other stakeholders to understand goals of the company and product.

Step 3: Creating Interface inventory of existing app components, icons, etc

Step 4: Creating guidelines and component library.

Step 5: Strategising the implementation of the design system. Who will work on which product. How will implementation take place. How much time will each process require.

Step 6: Doing design sanity of all the products that were converted to the design system

Step 7: Collaborating with developers for design system implementation

Step 8: Reviewing the final developed products


We followed the Atomic Design methodology by Brad Frost to create our design system

Defining guidelines and setting tokens- Colours, shadows, text styles, making a separate asset library

Component library
Components in Plus Design System are divided into atoms, molecules and organisms. We are still working on creating templates and pages.


Create templates

Create consistent flows

Create contribution guidelines for the team

Focus on consistent interactions

Let's collaborate and

design the next big thing!